Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home with Corbin

So happy to be home with our little Corbin! 
You forget how tiny they look in the carseat!  

He has been very sleepy, but I caught a little half smile on his cute face!

We had a steady stream of visitors that first day home, including Aunt Rebecca,

Uncle Kevin

Grandma Orgill

Grandpa Orgill (his first time holding Corbin!) 

and Uncle Jordan.  
Before bed Corbin was wide eyed and checking out his daddy.  So sweet!

The next morning I caught a BIG smile!  I love baby sleepy smiles (aka: gas!) 

Um... I think I gave birth to Ed Sheeran! He looks like a total redhead! How is that possible?!  He looks so different from my other kids.  And we love him so much.  He's been such a good baby, so far ;)

Baby Corbin

I went into labor the night of July 9th. Corbin wasn't due until the 15th, but I was READY for him to come!   I had contractions all night, took a bath to ease the pain, but finally decided it was time to go to the hospital after laboring all night. 
5 am, July 10th, ready to go to the hospital! We got admitted and I had an epidural around 7:30, which slowed things way down.  

He was finally born at 12:04 pm.  The labor took longer than I expected, but the delivery was FAST! 
I cried streams and streams of tears of joy holding him for the first time.  We have worked so hard and gone through so much to get this little guy here!  So grateful he is here and that he is strong and healthy! We are so blessed!

Corbin Robert Haider
12:04 pm
7 lbs even
19 inches

Proud Papa

The kids were soooo excited to meet their baby brother!

Stockton was so sweet and gentle.  He was just mesmerized by baby Corbin!

I told him he could touch the baby's fingers, he was soooo soft!

Here come the grandma-razzi! 

Grandma Orgill, so proud of Grandbaby #27!!!

Uncle Jay came later to visit, but was a bit timid about holding him. 

Namesakes:  Robert D. Haider, Brady Robert Haider and Corbin Robert Haider

Aunt Holly came to visit and got to see Corbin get his bath. 

Squeaky clean and wide away after his bath!  

First real eye contact with Daddy, such a special moment.

After his hair was washed we saw it's true color.  Look how blonde!!!

Uncle Jace 

We love his little old man face!

The next morning it was so precious to see him in the morning light. 

We set him on the bench in the window and he loved soaking up the sun.

Once again there's that blonde hair!

 Love this little man!  He is such a welcomed addition to our family!
The kids came by for another visit.  They couldn't get enough of Baby Corbin! We can tell Sav is going to be a little 2nd mother to him ;)

Our sweet family of 5!

We let Stockton hold him, oh my precious!!!

"I'm your brother!" 

Grandma Shawna came by for another visit, too. 

Aunt RoShawn

Uncle Josh

Grandma Shawna with all 6 of her grandkids!

The "Mount Rushmore" of Haider Grandkids (as Brady would say) 

The next morning we got him all dressed and ready to go HOME! 

Baby Corbin.  We have a very similar shot of Stockton:

Baby Stockton the day he came home from the hospital.  They don't really look alike in my opinion. 

All bundled up and ready to go home!

I took this screen shot of my phone as we were walking out of the hospital.  We left on July 12th at 12:12 pm and my doctor's name is Dr. Twelves! Ha ha!