Wednesday, November 13, 2013

California Trip!

Warning: This is a super long post with lots o' pictures, but it's easier than breaking it up into each day of the vacation.  
We took a fun trip to California with just Stockton.  Savannah stayed home with grandparents, and her Aunt Bec.

Stock was so excited for first airplane ride.  

Of course he had a window seat and loved every minute of it!

Stockton loved seeing the Disneyland castle, especially all decked out for Christmas.  (For Brady and I the castle was MUCH smaller than we remembered!)   The weather was PERFECT.  High in the 80's during the day, then we needed a jacket at night.  The only complaint was how early it got dark! 

Of course we hit up all the kiddie rides first.  We loved Peter Pan's Flight, even though it was longest line we waited in the whole trip!

 Storybook Boats. (Stockton made me wear the Lightning McQueen Mickey Ears for a while because he said they matched my shirt.)

 Tea cups... a Disney classic!

 Meeting Mickey was one of the highlights for Stockton.  And of course he got his autograph in the book that Grandma Shawna gave him.

Stock kept talking about how excited he was for Splash Mountain.  But, when it came right down to it, he was spooked! (I think the lack of seat belts scared him the most, it seriously boggles my mind!  They buckle you for some of the little kiddie rides, but not Splash Mountain?!) Brady held him like this the whole ride and said his heart was pounding!

Sulley!  I LOVE this pic!  It's my fav!

Sulley was fun.  I think he had a crush on me.  He gave me a nice snug squeeze during this picture ;)

Stockton's first 3-D movie.  He kept taking his glasses off to see what the screen really looked like.  

Stockton wanted to buy this Piston Cup for his dad so badly!  It said "Best Dad."

Cars Land was definitely a highlight for Stockton.  He kept asking to go to Cars Land even if we were on the opposite side of the park. 

This was taken right after World of Color, which we loved.  Paradise Pier at night time was so fun!  

Stockton and Brady's favorite ride was Matterhorn!  I couldn't believe Stockton liked it.  I thought it would scare him.  However the 2nd time he rode it, I filmed him and he had his head down and eyes closed the whole time!

We went to Breakfast with Minnie and Friends.  It was tons of fun to have so many characters right there with us. 

Mickey waffles!

Stockton surprisingly LOVED the Haunted Mansion.  It was all decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas, which isn't my favorite, but it was fun for a change. 

Stockton, the Wilderness Explorer.

Glow in the dark sword, provided by Aunt Holly!

Stockton loved the Cars Pit Crew members, because that's what he was for Halloween.

Stockton's dream land!  He could seriously live in Cars Land.

Radiator Racers had been closed,  but we finally got to go on it the last day.  We were lucky enough to go twice. 

We LOVED Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  It whipped you around more than you'd expect. 

Jessie!  She was so sweet with Stockton.

Of course Brady got his turkey leg.  It wouldn't be an official Disney experience without a turkey leg.


Mater!  In a Santa hat! Naturally.

LIGHTENING MCQUEEN!!!!!!!!  What a dream come true!

Even though this was taken on our last day at the park, we got the obligatory flower Mickey photo. 

Small world opened the last day, all decked out for Christmas.  It was so fun!  Stockton was looking forward to this ride because his Grandpa Orgill had told him all about it. 


The last night after the fireworks they made it "snow" on Main Street.  Pretty cool!

My first love... Captain EO!  It was so great to see it again after like 25 years!  Although they said they are doing away with it!  (Sniff Sniff)  
We went to Sea World next, which was my first time ever.  It was such a thrill!

Pink Flamingos for Loie.

Loved the sky ride over the ocean!  So cool!

We loved the Pets show.  Kinda weird to have dog and cat show at Sea World, but it was awesome!

The shark tank was so cool!  Loved walking right through it.

We stopped by the San Diego Temple for just for a bit.  We were stressed trying to find a hotel room for the night (we had left our options open cause we didn't know which day we'd be going to Sea World.) Needless to say we waited too long and we couldn't find a room.  

Luckily my Uncle Von bailed us out!  He's the mission President of the Irvine, CA mission.  He let us crash at his house.  Sherrie made a nice little bed for Stockton (and Shamu) right by our bed. 

Stockton LOVED Uncle Von and Aunt Sherri.  Or as he called them, his new Grandma and Grandpa OrgIll (not Orgull).

We stopped by the Newport Beach Temple. 

Then went to the beach.  

Stockton's first experience at the "real beach" was so cute!  He was so excited!  Squealing, jumping, laughing! It was adorable!  Every time a wave would come and if you didn't fall over he'd say, "Good job!" 

Looking for sea shells.

Such a magical trip!  Loved it!

When we got home Savannah was so happy to see us (and happy to see Shamu) and we were happy to see her!  We missed her!

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